Frameless Shower Door Glass and Hardware Recommended Cleaning Instructions

This beautiful and functional shower enclosure should provide years of enjoyment, as well as increase the value of your home. With the proper care and maintenance, your new enclosure will prove to be virtually worry-free. The high quality hardware that you have chosen will require a minimal amount of attention.

How to Care for the Hardware

This hardware, if given the proper care, will remain as beautiful as it is now. Neglecting or ignoring the basic rules of maintenance will result in the hardware not living up to its potential long life. The best way to maintain the beautiful finish on the hardware is to wipe it down after every use. After you shower, use a dry towel to thoroughly dry the hardware. If the hardware is kept clean after every use, it will not collect mineral deposits that require the use of a soap solution (noted below). If you are unable to dry the hardware after every use, a weekly cleaning is suggested. The correct method to be used in cleaning the hardware is a mild soap and warm water mixture. Mix a couple of drips of mild liquid soap, such as Ivory or similar product, into a cup of warm water. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth, proceed to clean the hardware. After you’ve cleaned the hardware, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water and dry.
WARNING: Never use an abrasive cleanser of any kind on the hardware. Many of the opponents are coated with a clear lacquer that will be irreparably damaged if subjected to harsh abrasive chemicals or scrubbing devices.

How to Care for Your Glass

In addition to keeping the hardware clean, it is of equal importance to keep the glass clean. Glass that is neglected or ignored will accumulate water spots, which will eventually turn into mineral deposits. The best way to keep the glass free of potentially damaging water spots is to squeegee the glass after every use. A routine of using a squeegee on a daily basis is a great habit to get into. It’s a minimal investment in time, and will save you a great deal of cleaning at a later date.
Vitroglaze® is a permanent non-stick coating that will help reduce your cleaning by up to 90 percent. Maintenance of your glass will require much less energy, time and money. What’s unique about treated surfaces is that all those spots will not stick if they are removed every couple of days with a wipe down with a damp cloth. It’s a similar situation with Teflon protection ~ you wouldn’t put your Teflon® coated fry pan away without wiping it down first.

Cleaning Your Shower after Vitroglaze application

We recommend two methods that will keep your glass looking like new.

  • After taking a shower, dry the glass using either a plastic (not rubber) blade or a dry cloth. This will help to keep your shower looking pristine and will mean you do not have to clean the glass so often.
  • Don’t dry the shower glass after each use but clean it more often. However, by not drying the glass each time spotting may occur. The VITROglaze™ coating makes spots easy to remove but cleaning may be required each week, depending on water quality.
  • Please only use MILD soap or detergent to clean the glass. The best soap to use is dish soap from your kitchen.

It’s so easy! If any marks are hard to remove just repeat the process.
To clean the outside of the shower use any normal glass cleaner. For more information on Vitroglaze, go to